May 2, 2012


I do not know about you guys, but I always seem to have five million decorating projects going on at my house!  Starting this blog has only increased the number of projects because I am now so deeply immersed each day in such amazing design eye many great ideas!  I know there is no one to blame but myself but.....
Here are a few of the projects rockin' in the Curtis household right now-
PROJECT #1-  Just finished painting my study bookshelves today!  Yippee!!!  Now I need to arrange all of my books and such to make it look pretty.  I still have not decided on the rest of the room but I think I am leaning towards the white walls with green linen drapes.  Although, that could change tomorrow...
PROJECT #2-  I took this picture at night so you get to see sleeping beauty at her finest and a woken up and confused bulldog! I am still in the middle of decorating my youngest daughter's room.  I finished making her tufted headboard, painted the back wall orange stripes, rigged her old twin dust ruffles into a queen size one with my handy-dandy staple gun and bought a buffalo check hot pink duvet from Land of Nod (just have not put it on her bed yet??).  I still need to make the four panels that will hang from the ceiling to create a canopy, make drapes (still have not decided what fabric to use) and finish her bathroom.... BIG JOB, but fun!
PROJECT #3- I am up and down about having this Chinese tapestry on the wall in this room.  I tried to frame it on the wall but did not like it, so I just used some upholstery nails to hang it  instead.  I want to create some sort of gallery wall next to the tapestry, but am at a loss right now.  I do love the idea of black frames and either painting the edges gold or buying the hardware! Any ideas are more than welcome...
PROJECT #4- Aghhh...I feel like this job will never be done!  I am on the last chair and all I need to do is recover it.  It will happen....
 PROJECT #5- One of my kids put a pen through the back of this chair, so... I had to get the caning replaced.  Now I need to stain the caned part to match its partner in crime at the kitchen table.

PROJECT #6- I fell in love with Jamie's Sea Urchin so I decided to make my own.  I have a few steps left but I promised my hubby that it would be done by this weekend and out of the kitchen! Off to Home Depot tomorrow to buy the gold spray paint.

How many projects do you having going on?  Please, do not leaving me hanging and say none.....I cannot be the only one, right?  

Have a great project filled Wednesday!


  1. I ADORE Zeke! Adore him. Can I have him for a bit? Just a bit. I love all of your projects and know that they will be NOTHING short of amazing you talented lovely, you.

  2. I have been project crazed since I started blogging, too. I am just über inspired to punch up my home. I used to know exactly what I like and want to do, but now I am in love with so many looks it is harder to FOCUS on what is really me. I love all you're doing! the chairs are amazing, your daughters room (and bully) are too cute, I love the bookcases and green idea! Best of luck with everything!

  3. Zeke looks like the perfect sleeping partner! You've got so much awesome going on right now, I can't wait to see it all!! And no worries, I think at last count I've got 7 unfinished projects going. Good times.

  4. All of your projects will have amazing results! I can't wait to see how everything turns out. I'm almost finished with my daughters bedroom. But after blogging for two thirds of a year and seeing such amazingness all the time, I'll be working on freshening my entire house!

  5. I have SO many!! Even worse I have a list of finished projects to photograph that I can't seem to get around to. Ugh! I'm glad it's not just me either! That urchin looks amazing!!! Cannot wait for all your updates!

  6. I've got a "bench" that has been sitting in our room with nothing but foam on fabric, no batting. Just the foam...I have plans to finish it though :)

  7. Projects make life interesting- don't stop because when you get older like me, you still have all the projects but they take forever to get done!!! Love Delaney and Zeke- great room, along with all the others. No GREEN walls for the study????? (with hot pink accessories?)

  8. Carrie Morton5/02/2012

    Can you come finish my house! I love all of your ideas!

  9. Oh my god lady I always have a million things going on.....some are only in my head too, which is even more effed up!

    Can we discuss how BRILLIANT you are??? That headboard in your daughters room is off the chain and I loves me some spikey urchin things!

  10. Taylor Curtis5/05/2012

    Our house is coming out AHmazing!
    Love you!


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