May 16, 2012


The One-Day Living Room Makeover by Peter Dunham.  I love this series by House Beautiful and always look at each addition and change.  So many great ideas!
My eye was drawn to what looked like a map of Los Angeles.
 I took a closer look at the artwork chosen by Peter from his store Hollywood at Home and yes, indeed the artwork is a clever twist on the infamous star map!
My hubby and I lived here ^ when we were first married!
The arrow is actually pointing to the historic Farmer's Market and the fabulous shops at The Grove. We lived directly across the street and we have lots of happy memories and a special place in our heart for this part of L.A.
This felt like the perfect gift for our anniversary.  Today we celebrate 14 years!
 There we are all smushy gushy in love! Cheers to my amazing husband who I love more now than I did in that picture! 
He loves me when I'm unlovable, calls me beautiful when that can't possibly be, smart, funny and so much more!
He is an amazing father and example to our son. I am proud be your Mrs.!
Oh and this is really what's happening everyday..our klutzy dogs would totally crash into this and break all of our favorite vintage barware, so my dream of a bar cart is short lived!!

Enough about me and how about more about Peter Dunham... 
Stunning kitchens cozied up with an oriental rug...
yet functional with chalkboard and cork!
Ski or...
surf! Please pause and take a look at that chair!!
 He's brilliant at pulling a room together that feels welcome, lived in and like it hasn't just been designed.
Fabulous bedrooms...
I love the textures and combination of patterns in this room, but the lumbar pillow steals the show!
An all time favorite!!
Let's take a look from another angle, thanks to coco cozy!
 You've seen this before here on Like Me Some, what can I say?! I really LIKE ME SOME of this!


  1. Ahhhh fabulous pictures! Love that Hollywood take on a star map. And I'm obsessed w that last picture too! The staircase is fabulous!!!

  2. What a great anniversary gift! I love that series too. I sometimes look thru each of those pictures 6 or 7 times. Its like decorating Where's Waldo. I find new stuff each time to lust over.

  3. Adore the imagery here!!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary and a perfect gift. It looks great hanging above the cart.

  5. awww James (is it bad I feel like I know you and need to have a nickname for you) - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. I hope I can be like that with my hubs after 14 years. I love that you said all those things. And PS - I also love that you got super obsessed with something you found in a picture -- almost a picture within a picture. I do that too and can't stop till I figure out what it is! Congrats again - super cute present!

  6. SO cool! And happy anniversary! Such a sweet little post and gift. And I love that you decorated up that bar cart, I'm sure that made her happy to be used (I'm so weird...). Have fun with the hubs today!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I wanted that map from house beautiful too! I'm a little jealous, but it looks so great in there. My husband and I dated all over la too. I went to a dance performing arts center in hollywood so we were there a lot. Have you ever been to Lala's??? We would totally bond further if you had. Hope you lovebirds have a great day!!

  8. Super cute! I love it! And it looks great in your home! I love the bar cart but that's too funny about the dogs...I can relate! It looks good in it's dog safe styling too! And, yes, that chair in the surf shack is amaze!

    Happy Anniversary!


  9. I absolutely love the anniversary present idea - your hubby is obviously just as lucky to have a cool, chic, thoughtful wife as yourself!! Also? That vintage glassware is fabulous - the little maps?! Oh my god. Although I'm quite loving the little turquoise/coral vase as well. It's all good.

    Right, then on to the gorgeous designs... love love love. The chair is ACE. Also? That grey sofa (gallery wall/big pink flowers/amazing cushions) - Yeah. Just. Um. Yeah. Kill me now.

    Happy Anniversary! xxx

  10. Jamie, love what u did above the bar cart and love the map of L.A. We too have very fond memories of your time in L.A. Your both so blessed!
    Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing couples we know...Tate is a very lucky boy to have you as parents who set such a shining and loving example of what marriage should be. Many more happy and wonderful years!!

  11. Wow, he has quite a range! I love that kitchen with the red chairs but I hadn't seen the rest of his work - amazing. And, happy anniversary! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment recently!

  12. Happy anniversary!! Lovely pictures :)

  13. Happy anniversary!! (sorry this is late.... just catching up on my blogs!). Love Peter Dunham and your post.... as usual!
    J xx


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