May 8, 2012


I may be behind the eight ball here, but I have finally tested out the highly acclaimed Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! For anyone out there like myself that's new to this paint, here is what's so special about it...

Yes, you read that right! Say no more, I was in! Can I get an AMEN?!  

There are many colors to choose from and you can even create your own by mixing colors and achieve different looks depending on whether you use dark wax in addition to the clear wax.
Shaunna at perfectly imperfect blog has done some amazing projects with this paint and has some very helpful tutorials. I should have watched these first, but of course I work a bit backwards!
Our bedroom seemed like the perfect place to test out the new and not-so-inexpensive paint, but fingers crossed,  I am hoping it will be worth every penny. I chose the Graphite color because it is described as a soft, but not completely black. Applying the dark wax is suppose to give it a dark slate color.
 The kind ladies at On A whim in Lucketts recommended this funky little applicator. It did help the paint go much farther than a brush but only worked on the flat surfaces. The rest of the dresser and my armoire I used a good ol' paint brush.
 Goes on crazy easy!  Super excited about the prep work not required!
 Sorry, these photos were taken with my phone and it was getting late, bad lighting! At this point I'm wondering how this gray is going to look black?

The armoire show my dilemma best.  It pains me to show you, but here's the thing, the dark wax just looks like brown glaze on gray paint.  Okay, any Annie Sloan experts out there??? Help a girl out! This is not the look I was seeking. What am I missing here? Did I misunderstand or am I doing something wrong?

Maybe I can ask Stacy at Conspicuous Style . Take a look at her dresser!
Help, Stacy and anyone else! I think I went wrong with the wax process or was it the paint???

Let's move onto more successful and simple projects, shall we?! Dressing up your drapes with trim.
As many of you know from my recent visit to Sadie + Stella's for their Favorite Room Series I finally added Greek Key to our family room drapes. Easiest and most favorite project ever!! No sew, fast and instant results!
Now we're talking more my style!
All you need is Fabri-Tac glue, trim or grosgrain ribbon of choice and drapes. I did two rows of glue.  One at each edge of the trim, smooth the trim down and voila! I was surprised to find my trim at Hancock Fabrics for a bargain price of $6.99/yd!
Last update:
My Mama made me some pillows y'all! I don't know why I went all southern on you, but this was exciting! I know, I really need her to teach me how to work a sewing machine but just look at what she's been up to!
The best part is (other than my Mom sewing them) she still hasn't sent them all to me! It's amazing how fabric and pillows can make a girl giddy!
Oh, and that's a lumbar pillow sandwiched in there! Did you see Vashti's fabulous post about these pillows? I have been obsessed with them and can't wait to show it to you on my bed...
You'll have to wait for that post!

Happy DIY'ing! I'm anxious to finish up my chalk paint project, my room looks like a bomb went off! So pretty please, feel free to help a girl out with any tips on this infamous Annie Sloan paint!!

Lastly, thanks Mom! You are the best! Your Mother's Day needs to be extra special!

images via annie sloanperfectly imperfect and conspicuous style 


  1. Your project is a project I can get down with. Question. Where did you get these curtains? I am going to need them for our new house!

  2. I am so on board with that trim project. I need to bite the bullet and just order some for my living room. I never find any I like in person.

  3. Im afraid I can't help with the paint dilemma but the curtains and cushions look fab :)

    Abbey x

  4. A mom who sews. I'd be in heaven!! Those pillows are fab girl. The curtains looks wonderful!

  5. I've never tried the chalk paint, let us know your end results. Love the trim! Love the pillows! What a nice Mama you have.

  6. Great post! I HAVE to do that greek key trim on my curtains!!

  7. Oh I love the greek trim! I want to do that on my curtains so bad!

  8. love the chevron pillow....more are on the way baby girl!!

  9. Oh dear, I wish I could help you with the paint dilemma! Everything else looks perfect, and the pillows are phenom!
    Good luck sweetie!

  10. 100% Love the way pillows transform your life! haha, love the lumbar pillow! Best of luck on the ASCP. I have only used it once and think I might be the only person on the planet that isn't "SOLD"...but that's just me!

  11. Wow!
    I'm seriously impressed. Hope the drawers turn out the way you want them to - love how a coat of paint can completely transform a piece.
    Great post. And god bless mothers who sew. Gotta love 'em.
    J xx

  12. I haven't tried ASCP yet, it will be interesting to find out what went wrong. Your pillows and trim would be enought to make me happy! :)

  13. The greek key trim looks so fab! You are doing an awesome job, keep up the good DIY work girl!

  14. ASCP Question. I found the same thing with Graphite and wanted a darker/blacker look. First of all, I don't care what it says on the can, you do need at least two full coats for good coverage. To get the blacker look, you have to use the dark wax (without using the clear first - that results in distressing - not just darkening). IF you use the dark wax and cover well, that should get you as close as you are going to come to "black" - it is still a deep charcoal - not true black but I have used it with black fabrics and it works well. Check out some of my chairs that were done in graphite with dark wax.

    Good luck!!


  15. I love Annie Sloan paint. I just used it for the first time and it was really easy. I am going to get one of those pads you used. Looks great!

  16. Hmm, the color on the dresser looked really good, like the soft black you wanted. Not sure about the armoire though, it does look a lot lighter. Did you figure it out yet? Maybe add some darker black to it and paint it over?


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