May 6, 2012


be different sized dressers so you could have not only style, but storage too?
be simple tables that sit lower than the height of your mattress?
be a large chest of drawers with a chic Parson table as your partner to mix it up a little?
be matching tables?
be mis-matched tables without drawers or shelves and achieve that collected look? 
be matching Dorothy Draper chests? Oh, so glam...
be a desk?
be way cool Lucite shelves?
be a simple table that is even with your mattress height?
be small tables that are higher than your mattress?
be a small chest with drawers? 
be a small bench with room for a stool?

If I were a bedside table I would be...... two matching chest of drawers that would be close to the height of my mattress.  I tend to reach over with one eye closed to set my Kindle down before doze I off on many nights.  Anything too high or too low, would take way too much effort!  I also love the storage factor with drawers!!  What would you be?

1-c magazine 2- mary ann smiey interiors 3-butler armsden architects 4-jonathan adler 5-john loecke 
 6- sally wheat interiors 7-tobi fairley 8- laura day designs 9- tobi fairley10- remodelista 11-anthropologie 12- decor pad


  1. Great collection! Those lucite shelves are fabulous!!

  2. I love matching bedside storage, and mattress height, too. I love that Jonathan Adler room!

  3. I would be a matching pair of high gloss white chests with lucite pulls and be within two inches of the mattress height.

  4. Really loved this post today girls! It's difficult to choose, isn't it? I like them all! Love the images with the mismatched tables and also the differently sized chests of drawers.... I guess I like the mismatch!
    Nice post!

  5. I would be the bamboo desk...even though I totally have matching side tables :)

  6. so hard because i like the look of mismatched tables/a desk SO much more than matchy-matchy, but i couldnt execute on it for my own self. id choose a matched set.

  7. Wonderful rooms- love the one with ceiling wallpaper- making me think of adding more stuff to the hot pink bedroom!!!! I have never used matching tables- always mismatched - it is so much more fun! I agree with the height of the bed, I too need to put my kindle down.

  8. Love every single thing in that first and last pic!! I have matching bedside tables but I love the idea of having mismatched tables!! xo Elizabeth

  9. Love all of them. Those small mismatched tables are super cute!

  10. The desk and the lucite are my favorites. Very pretty.

  11. So many options! I don't know what I would be! If I had to pick I would be the first option: different sized dressers so you could have not only style, but storage. That look is hot.

  12. I would be matching nightstands, with huge lamps. Although that pink chair with the desk was amazing, so I might have a desk and chair off to the side too!


  13. Love the room with the pooch!! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design - I'm now following you! xo

  14. I'm with you. Love a matching pair, but this post proves that anything goes.

  15. Dorothy Draper! Dorothy Draper! Dorothy Draper!!!!!!

    Great images! XO

  16. I would be the traditional but ever practical matching tables at the height of the bed. Although, I loved that little chest of drawers, charming and functional!

  17. I'm with you, at least mattress height if not a bit taller! I would most like to be a pair of vintage mirrored dressers! Love this post, FABULOUS!

  18. I love this post! I want a desk and bookshelf - both painted white. I love all the options you presented!

  19. Taylor Curtis5/08/2012

    my favorite post of all!
    Love You!

  20. The post is amazing, all the designs are unique and different and the color combinations of the bedside tables with rest of the stuff or furniture in the room is simply fantastic. I would go with the purple style bedroom and table.

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