April 30, 2012


Lately, I have been seeing long, overstuffed lumbar pillows on everything from sofas to beds and I am in love!  For many years, the closest thing I had to a lumber pillow on my bed was my body pillow- a must have during all of my pregnancies.  Now that I am done having babies, I think it is time to sass up my horizontal pillow selection and get me some lumbar pillows!

Here are a few of my lumbar loves...
Of course, I am loving the Kelly green velvet on that pillow! Oversized color = oversized pop!! 
Did someone say-SUPER SIZED.... Makes you want to cuddle up with that ginormous pillow and watch some good TV!  This is my favorite size lumbar pillow because it makes such a huge impact in the room and I also think it may remind me of my coveted body pillow!
Have fun and mix your lumbar pillow up with a variety of other pillow sizes and dimensions on your sofa.
Pure Bliss... a must have in my room! Take a gander at that duvet- WOWZER!! What a fun way to combine different size lumbar pillows. 
Did I mention they were fun to decorate with?
I think this lumbar pillow gives the room that perfect touch of glam!  I love the length of this lumbar-perfect for back support when you are up reading at night...

Do you love me some lumbar pillows, or what?


  1. I remember the body pillow - it was a saviour during my pregnancies! I love these lumbar pillows too, they're very European - would love one on our bed. xxx

  2. I love my lumbar pillows... creates interest in a grouping of pillows. I love to add some fun trim to make it the focal!

  3. These are beautiful! Lumbar pillows adds more dimension to a group of pillows - especially when it comes in different sizes. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  4. Obsessed with lumbar pillows. I could add one to every chair and bed in our home and still not be sick of them. Oh wait...I have!

  5. Love them too! Using a suzani lumbar in an upcoming design. Wish it was at my house! I need to get sewing so I can have some too. Such pretty reminders. xo

  6. I really love this look! Its exactly what I need to break up the height of the other pillows on my sofa, great for an accent chair too I think :)

  7. I'm so feeling these cheerful and colorful images, I'm gonna pin all of em! I also have an old lumbar pillow that I have been meaning to reup for YEARS! I need to get on it!

  8. YES!! Love the idea of doing just one long lumbar pillow on a couch. Simple and unexpected!

  9. These pillows are so fun! I love all the colors.

  10. LOVE ME SOME- Fantastic- used one recently in a bedroom and it really does add that extra umph!!!

  11. Taylor Curtis5/01/2012

    I have always loved those pillows! But I think I love this blog more(;

  12. Never though of using lumbar pillow as a part of home decor. Thanks for providing ideas through your pictures. Even I am having one which I used during my pregnancy. Its time for the pillow to be used as a decor piece.


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