April 29, 2012


After writing my recent post about jazzing up your bookshelves, I decided it was time to add a little funk to my own study! I have been thinking about changing the paint color in that room for a few years now, so writing that post put my decorating brain into full motion!  I thought I had the room all planned out, but now I seem to be hemming and hawing over my decision!  Both of my ideas use the same colors in the room- KELLY GREEN + BLACK so that makes it a whole lot easier but where I should put those colors is the now the real question!

Do you think I should go with this one???
This was my original idea for the room:

*All of the walls and trim will be painted WHITE
*The back of my built-in bookshelves will be painted BLACK
*Curtains in the room will be KELLY GREEN linen drapes
* The inside line of the drapes will be edged with BLACK + WHITE  Greek key trim ( I ordered 24 yards on sale last month, so I better use it somewhere, right??) 

...or this one???
All it took was one look at those KELLY GREEN walls and I was officially Mrs. Wishy-Washy pants....what do you think? Should I change it up a little??
*The walls will be painted KELLY GREEN
*The curtains will be BLACK + WHITE horizontal striped drapes
*I will still paint the back of the built-in bookshelves BLACK

What do you think? I still have to decide on a rug, art and a funky chandelier but I cannot even go there yet- brain overload!  If I could only just stop over thinking my decorating decisions and just go with my original plan-that would be way too simple though....


  1. both boards are classic and fantastic but holy crap that second is the winner. I want that in my house!!!

  2. I'm with Julia, the first one is great and pretty classic, but that second one is what you NEED!

  3. first one. We really like the solid green drapes. Great boards.

  4. I love them both. I am doing similar colors in my office. Love! I kind of want to say the first one just for the greek key on those green drapes. But, I could go either way. Great boards! And my mind does the exact same thing :)

  5. Oh I think option 1! Both sound gorgeous.... but I'd go with #1! Such a great idea board you put together!



  6. You can't lose here. Both FAB! My very basic thinking is that black & white can go with any color under the rainbow, should you tire of the kelly green walls (which, why would you??). But green drapes will be more limiting in the future. That being said, I'm nutso about green drapes. Jealous!

    Also, could somebody teach me some basic photoshopping skills so I can be a better blogger? Nice boards. I'm stupid even in Paint. :-)

  7. I'm having the same dilemma as I want to use that scheme in my bathroom. Once I saw your boards I'm thinking #2 - that sucker is killer!

  8. #2 is absolutely fabulous!!!! You will need to add the hot pink chairs- that takes care of the color challenge. Use the Greek key for trim under the crown moldings, on ceiling a few inches from moldings or something like that or on chairs/sofa trim in there. LOVE IT!!!!

  9. I love option 1 - mainly because of the drapes!!!! If I had a study like that, I would go for it.

  10. Oh my goodness they are both fab but I am totally loving the second one. I am dying over those green walls with the striped curtains. I would love a study like that!

  11. I love both. but I think option 2 is my favorite! the green walls w stripes would look great!


  12. Hmmm...I'd go with #2, but with white drapes with the greek key outlining them. Or maybe with a black and white vertical stripe so it doesn't cut the room's height. Those green walls would be fabulous!

  13. I'm insane over this color combo right now. I don't see how you could go wrong with either choice, but my 2 cents says #1. I think the solid green drapes with the trim on white walls would be AMAZING. Either way, I can't wait to see -- it will be gorgeous!

  14. These are gorgeous! It's screaming of elegance. Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  15. Beautiful schemes, both of them! I agree with Lauren@BaylorSays - you can't lose either way. Let us know what you pick....! x


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