March 26, 2012


A Suzani bedspread = A LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN!!
Cannot get enough of these gorgeous embroidered textiles! The idea of having one as a bedspread is genius, agree?
 Suzani and a fur throw- need I say more?
I want that monogrammed pillow ASAP!  
Three centuries later, these fab textiles are still adding such an exotic touch to modern homes!  I don't  see them going anywhere but just in case I have begun to hoard them... you can't have enough of something you love, right???


  1. Ahhh so glorious! I tried to put one on my bed and it looked awesome, but with my doggie jumping up and down on it, I had to take it off. These images look fantastic though!

  2. Courtney Campbell3/26/2012

    I have been searching high and low for a bedspread that will look good with my "mob wives" furniture. I LOVE picture 4 and 6!!!

  3. WOW! Some look identical to some old rugs that my mother in law made on the loom in the village in Greece way back when! I'm thinking that would be TOO hot and heavy for the bed but what a BEAUTIFUL look!

    Love it!

  4. Beautiful. You'll have to get yourself out to Uzbekistan & come back with a case full! x

  5. I have been going back and forth about a new duvet cover but you have just helped me decide. I love these!!

  6. What great spaces and gorgeous suzanis!


  7. Totally love! We just got a quilt that resembles a suzani in navy.

  8. I don't know that I've ever lusted after a suzani bedspread...but after seen all those absolutely lovely inspiration shots, I'm giving it a big ol' HECK YEAH! I've always loved the bold pattern and bright colors they use (c:

  9. Anonymous3/26/2012

    These are Fantastic!! I've been looking for this specific look for a while, such a great inspiration! (:

  10. Do you know that I own and operate and embroidery business out of my house? Send me a pillow case and I will work something out for you ;)

    1. Ohh, I did not know you still had your machine!!!! I am on that!!! How big can you make the letter? Where are your pics?

  11. I'm with Aubrey...never gave it a second thought for myself, but these pics are MAJOR convincing!! Nice choices ladies, these are super rad and amazing examples.

  12. Oh man! That last photo kills me. So many awesome patterns mixed together on that bed!

  13. I love, love, love the look of vintage Suzani, but I can't quite bring myself to pay the price tag. That doesn't stop me from lusting over them, though!


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