March 23, 2012


Whether your entry is big or small, you often need a drop-spot for things like coats, bags and shoes.  A mudroom is generally one of the most overlooked rooms and also the most overused! If you have kids you can relate to the trail of backpacks, books, sports equipment and shoes they leave behind in their wake.  A well-organized mudroom becomes essential but doesn't have to lack style~ 

Here is the skinny on some of the essentials needed to make a successful mudroom:

1. Storage, storage and more storage!
You need space for coats, backpacks, sweatshirts, sports equipment, shoes...the list goes on! 
Love using either natural fiber baskets or wire baskets (our favorite!) for shoes.
We cannot forget our furry friends-woof! If Vashti could only have a space in her mudroom like that for Jessie, her 200 pound English Mastiff!  

2- You can never have enough hooks-is it just us or does your family own a billion and one coats and sweatshirts??
Addicted to the hooks at Anthropologie!
1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6

3-  Let there be light!!
Have fun when picking out your lighting!  
The color of these lights are amazing and check out those green wire baskets!
Think outside the box-use the unexpected!  This crystal chandelier ROCKS in this space!

4-  Everyone needs a place to sit!
Love the way each locker has its own seating!
  Check out that floor...
Brick, slate and stone floors are all durable and super forgiving of muddy and wet feet!
For those of you who do not have to worry as much about those muddy footprints, the use of rugs adds such a sophisticated element to the room.  On second thought...they do make outdoor rugs, right?  Bring on the hose!

5-  Harness the chaos with a creative message center!
Having an area dedicated to busy family schedules is always a plus!
These chalk boards are fantastic!  Assign one to each member of the family and off you go!
Create a killer organization station and you will never be late...

There are way too many What can you not live without in your mudroom?


  1. okay, I live in California and we don't have mud rooms but....I WANT ONE. beautiful rooms

    1. But you do have the prettiest potting shed I've ever seen!

  2. These are so great! How about that glamtastic mudroom with the small crystal chandelier? Fabbbulous. I would almost feel bad getting it dirty!

  3. i love mudrooms - they always have a preppy feel to them :-)

  4. I'm OBSESSED with mudrooms, maybe because I strive to be organized in the way we live! In fact, we are in the PROCESS of getting a mudroom built out of our 3rd car garage... yes... we BUILT on a garage ONTO our 3rd car garage to turn the EXISTING one into a mudroom. Did that in December and now need to proceed! Will keep you posted! :) xoxo

  5. That's awesome, how exciting! You'll have to share pictures when it is done! You could be our guest blogger and have a little show and tell!

  6. Love this! Can't wait to have a mudroom! I think my favorite thing about them is incorporating them into "dog" rooms! So handy! And these are so stylish! Great post! Now I've got to get to pinning it!


  7. Would LOVE to! I think I might have to post before and afters :). Had to "pause" the project because we took on our pool remodel... fireplace, fire pit, waterfall... had to get done before swim season. That should finish in a few weeks.... AAAHhhh!!

  8. We don't have a proper mudroom but a tiny closet (where we keep our shoes, jackets, etc) at the foyer. These are all excellent examples of beautiful and functional mudrooms! Very inspiring, great post!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  9. These mud rooms are all so neat and organised. We really like the stripe white and black one and the chalk board one. Have a great weekend.

  10. So many wonderful mudrooms. Love the first image that has cabinets that hide all the coats, sports equipment, etc., but I must say I would love the one with the chandelier...fabulous!! Thrilled to find and follow your blog ~

  11. These mud rooms are stunning! I love the ones with the comfy dog beds. Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  12. Taylor Curtis3/24/2012

    I love the mud rooms with the dogs beds underneath the cabinets! Zeke and Jessie would die to fall asleep in one of those! I don't know what I would do without our mud room! (;
    Love The Blog!<3

  13. Mud rooms have a special place in my heart, as strange as that sounds. Growing up it snowed a lot where I lived, thus creating tons of mud. We always had a mud room with lots of boots and snow shovels.

  14. The last photo is my fave -- great post -- I love your blog!

  15. I love a good entrance way. And if I was ever to design my own home, a mud room would be near the top of the list - brilliant with my hoard of kids and animals. xxx

  16. I'm Obsessed with these mudrooms- I need to re-do mine. I absoulutely love the pictures, my whole house could be a mud room!


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