March 27, 2012


They say your home should reflect who you are. Our home is definitely starting to do just that, but is a work in progress just as we are! That's probably why snippets are better than the whole room in some cases...
we're getting there slowly but surely.
Elements of Style found these butterfly prints and I swooped them up to help the TV not be the main focal point. I really am going to paint these walls the perfect shade of gray, just wait and see!
Hello Chiang Mai Dragon, some friends share clothes. Vashti & I share fabrics, it's a friendship made in heaven!
This antique trunk is perfect for our family, it can handle lots of wear and tear! The more distressed the better! What's a table without books? I did add a few manly books for the man of the house.
I'm a thoughtful wife like that!
I knew I married the right man, but when he saw this barn door and thought to put in this very oversized niche, I fell in love all over again!
Another antique find over the mantle, are you seeing a trend here?
Memories... this old crate that bears my maiden name belonged to my parents and I was lucky enough to bring into my home.
Okay, you may think, huh?! We have a wall phone jack mounted near the pantry and I knew we needed a phone just like when we were growing up.  Best Christmas gift ever from my hubby!!
I hide in the pantry and chat away with my bff...kidding!
Our favorite spot in the house to relax and have a drink with friends.
The pillows were dishtowels from catsudio that were too cute to use!
I love it when a DIY goes as planned! Our faux ostrich night stand.
I love Bengal Bazaar in any color way but scored it in bronze! We upholstered an old screen divider that was no longer getting any use and it is now our headboard.
Our son, Tate wanted a surf room after visiting the North Shore and one of the locals hand crafted this wood surfboard.
I don't know if you noticed, but I love turquoise. I painted the back of our bookshelves in our office and it makes me smile as I blog away.
I am a California girl at heart!

p.s. Sorry Pops, I know how much you love the quality of instagram!


  1. I am loving this peek into your home! I love all of the fun fabrics.

  2. Love it all! I extra love the brass urchin, fabrics butterfly art and trunk. Oh and the phone! Great job. I am excited to see more of both your homes. I'm a California girl at heart too :)

  3. Darling!! I adore the butterfly prints, all of your fabrics and expert mix of elements...but my favorite part is the phone! :-) Love.

  4. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love all of the color and amazing fabrics! And the accessories you're collecting are beautiful! :)

  5. I am literally dying over your bengal bazaar headboard. I have that lovely fabric in the mint green color on my couch... it is the best ikat on earth! Love every color. Your place looks so fantastic! And the old school phone is so awesome HAHA I love that! You do antiques well - love!

  6. Love Love Love your home...not only Beautiful, but comfy!!!! I know first hand!!!!
    xoxo great job Jamie

  7. GORGEOUS!! I especially love the butterfly prints, the pillows, and the coffee table styling! xo

  8. Jamie, this is soooo beautiful!!

  9. Good grief, you girls have *kind of* amazing homes! Don't you love a friend that will share fabric?!

  10. Love it! Great job!!!

  11. Love getting to see into your home now! That's awesome you and Vashti share fabrics...and not just any fabric...only THE fabric! I also love the old school phone by the pantry! You are going to have to post a tutorial on how you did the faux ostrich! I would love to know how to do that! Everything is gorgeous! So happy you both shared your homes!


  12. You place is looking AMAZING! glad to find your blog :)

  13. I love your home. You girl are so cute, I love reading your posts. Those butterfly prints are amazing I want some.

  14. Very nice! Gotta love the Chiang Mai Dragon. And I adore those butterfly prints..... I might have to track some of those down for my apartment - they're great! x

  15. Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments! You guys made my day! My husband just pointed out a typo, of course, at the end of the day and I am slightly mortified! Forgive me...

  16. I love seeing all of the details of a room coming together - looks like it's a perfect reflection of your personality! Where did you find the ceramic pineapple? I have a few brass ones, but this one would be a fun addition!

    Enter to win a pair of earrings from Wendy Mink Jewelry (valued at $123)!

  17. Great home Jamie. I love a home that reflects the personality of it's owner, and yours is full of personality. I'm a bug fan of Chiang Mai Dragon, and my other favourite bits are all the rustic/vintage pieces - so cool. xxx

  18. It looks amazing! The tv console area is perfection!

  19. Love it! That black wall phone is fabulous! I'm dying to get a rotary phone for my desk.

  20. Getting a peek into your home truly reflects who you are... thank you for sharing with us! I love it! My fave is the PHONE! We MUST all have one now!! :) I think you might start a trend Jamie!

  21. Wow, what a beautiful home you have. My very favourite thing is when a home really reflects the people living in it. It doesn't look overly made up but sure is a gorgeous place!

  22. Taylor Curtis3/28/2012

    I LOVE IT!!
    xoxo- Taylor(:

  23. Great finds! I love the big metallic bowl on the mantel. I have a similar one and haven't figured out what I want to do with it.

    I'm a new follower. I'm part of the Color My World Challenge. Can't wait to see what you do!

  24. Anonymous4/09/2012

    Fantastic! Beautiful home and funky finds!
    -Delaney (:


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