May 23, 2012


 a milestone birthday with your childhood BFF's, where should you go?
The Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City, of course!
No need to fret about finding the hotel on the busy streets of NYC, a huge steel facade riddled with port holes is not the norm anywhere!
Watch out...You have just entered hipster territory!  Make sure you have some tissues to wipe the drool from your chin as you enter the hotel lobby and see these killer metallic beauties!
As if the metallic eye candy was not enough, check out this mind-blowing light display!
Don't worry if you are having trouble picking out your favorite thing about their rooms, it's close to impossible!  Seriously, is it the steel graphic wall...
 the swanky rug paired with the animal hide ottoman....
 or the unbelievable art work that graces the walls?
 Make sure you share a drink at the pool bar and chat with the ever so friendly wait staff.

Add the best company a girl could ask for, a few sassy black outfits....
and you have the PERFECT weekend!
(left to right- BFF #1- met in 7th grade and were college roommates for 4 years, BFF #2 met when we were 5 years old...WOWZER, BFF #3 met in 7th grade and then me at the end!)


  1. That place is amazing! I am dying over that steel accent wall and those round windows. Fabulous!

  2. OMG! WHAT! This is so fantastic! I have never heard of this hotel but it is beyond fab. And you ladies look gorgeousss... I am sure it was so much fun. Im jeal! xo

  3. This hotel looks amazing- I love the deco decor. You and your BFF's are too cute!

  4. What a gorgeous spot! Such cool decor.

  5. Speechless! What a gorgeous hotel. And you girls look marvelous...darlin :)

  6. Four gorgeous brunettes, I bet you had a ball there! I'm speechless... this hotel is incredible! I love the silver and white with hot pink accents. xxx

  7. Anonymous5/24/2012

    Gorgeous! Perfect place to celebrate a milestone bday indeed! So glad you lovely ladies had fun! xo

  8. Wow, what an awesome hotel. I've never seen anything like it...only in NYC.

  9. Gorgeous hotel, gorgeous ladies! Happy Birthday!!

  10. Amazeballs hotel. Perfect place to celebrate. Have the best time!!

  11. That hotel looks swankyyyyy. Very funky. I love all the metal and clean lines. Glad you had a great time! You deserve it!

  12. Anonymous5/24/2012

    Looks so fun! I remember walking past this place on our last trip to NYC. Will have to give it a try! We always stay somewhere different when we go to NYC. Happy birthday!


  13. What a cool place for a girl's weekend! Love the fact that you all have been friends for so long. Happy Birthday!

  14. What an AMAZING place! Definitely will be on my list of places to stay.... embarrassed to say I've YET to go to NYC! So cool that you have been friends since 7th grade! I LOVE it! What an awesome time you girls must have had! Happpppppy Birthday!!!

  15. What an amazing weekend! The hotel is gorgeous. I just love NYC :)

    Abbey x

  16. Sounds like a fun weekend! Love the Dream hotel in NYC!! Last time I was in the city we went to the rooftop bar- it was so much fun and the views were amazing!

  17. Taylor Curtis5/29/2012

    the only bad part... cough cough PHONE cough cough(;


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