May 30, 2012


Not really a green couch... Green Couch Interior Design!

While perusing blogs last week I hopped on over to Katie Denham's blog, katiedid. She just visited the San Francisco Decorator Showcase and shared the amazing work of, you guessed it, Green Couch  with us. I'm so glad she did!!

Just look at that chair! The rug is pretty spectacular in itself.  Hmm, did he have the mirror custom made to match the design on the rug?! 
Ostrich on the bar stools and finished with nailhead trim... I'll take 4 please!
So you can fully appreciate the transformation, here's the before!

Here's a kitchen I'd love to see come to life! Nancy from Marcus Design dreamed up this brilliant design.   
Another stunner! This kitchen was created by Barbara at Hodge Podge
 Nancy and Barbara were the winners of AyA's BlogPodium kitchen contest and it's easy to see why! 
Feel free to come on over and install one of these designs at my house.  Really, I'd take either one!  
I'm not picky.  My address is ....oh, well just email me and we'll work out the details!


  1. Oh my goodness that before and after is amazing! What a transformation! I love that rug, it's fabulous!

  2. Stunning images! The ostrich barstools are my favorite. And I love every single detail on Nancy's moodboard. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful!!! Is it just me, or do those spiral things remind you of spin pins? I love me some spin pins...maybe I'm obsessed.

  4. How gorgeous! The rug looks amazing! Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  5. LOL - love this! send 'em my way when you're done with them Jamie!

  6. Wow. I want something happening in my kitchen. NOW. Love your post -- shared on FB -- have a great day ladies!

  7. That man has mad skills. Any chance he'd trade his services for cookies? I make wicked cookies.

  8. Love how they transformed this home. The kitchen is amazing and love how they white washed the brick in the family room.

  9. That transformation of the one room was A-mazing!


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