April 11, 2012


I have had my eye on this PB Teen 'Furlicious Desk Chair' for my daughter's room for a few weeks now. Can you imagine how comfy this chair must be? Countless hours of studying would take place in this furry wonder...wink, wink! The chair is $299.00 which is not outrageous but...
I could save myself some money by going to Ikea and buying the Snille Chair for only $24.99, then add the Ikea 'Rens Sheepskin' for a mere $29.99 and shazam! I know it is not quite as 'furalicious' as the other chair but it comes close and I also like the idea of being able to replace the fur if it gets ratty/dirty without having to replace the entire chair!  Way to go Ikea!
All of this furalicious eye candy has got me thinking about where else I could add one of these bad boys in my house! 
Love the colors in this room and check out the hardware on those shelves!
Pull me up a chair at this table!  Ultra sophisticated and undoubtedly chic!
Killer combo- Lucite + glitter + fur!  
Lucite chairs just seem to beg for a furry friend to lay upon them, don't they?
I heart everything about this kitchen-just wrap it all up for me please!
Can you imagine coming to this party???  
The blend of rustic + chic is just perfect in this dining room!
I think there would be a nightly fight at my house for that chair!
Perfect against those black leather chairs-love the contrast!
So simple, yet so powerful!
I am in the market for outside furniture now......
Don't you love how they mix the colors of the furs on these chairs?
Now we have comfort....
Perfect example of how you can add them to any style chair and have it work.

What do y'all think?  Would you add them to any of your chairs?  I need to make a trip to Ikea soon, so just holler if you want me to pick you a few!

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  1. Here's the thing...I recently took the sheepskin plunge, and the look is addicting. I want to throw one on every surface of my house! Which would be, at the very least, overkill. Maybe one per room? :-) LOVE that PB chair...that whole furry chair thing is really growing on me.

  2. Heckkk yeah! I am about to buy the Tobias chair from Ikea along with the Rens Sheepskin. Also, wouldn't you be so sad if you got that furralicious PB chair for her room and she spilled cranberry juice on it? With the Ikea option, you could just replace it for cheap if it got dirty! xo

  3. LOVE your creative idea to use it on Ikea! Fun inspirations pics, too!

  4. I love the sheepskin look! I have the ikea sheepskin and the faux ikea sheepkin (the faux one doesn't get as matted as the real one does which is one plus too it). I have ours draped over a leather chair in living room and I love the look it gives!

  5. I have one of those lucite chairs and have been thinking of adding a pelt to it. I think you may have convinced me!



  6. I love that chair! But I love your idea on the cheap even better!

  7. I was just at Ikea last night and bought (another) sheepskin- this time for my own office chair. Really love this look and your idea to incorporate it into your daughter's room using the Ikea chair.

    Just found your blog and started to dig into the archives today. Adding it as one of my daily reads!

  8. I would definitely add a sheepksin throw to my chair - I love that look. My daughter would adore the first chair too, although she would have to fight our two cats for it! xxx

  9. Oh yes! They need the comfort and warmth. Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  10. Really digging the sheepskin. I think it would look amazing in your daughter's room. I don't think it it would hold up in my house very well, living with 3 boys and all :)

  11. I love sheepskins! I just went to IKEA today and got another for 29.00. I also had one from the 70's that I put through the washing machine and line dried it, and it came out great...who knew?

  12. Love them...I use everywhere my dog likes to sleep.....you know furniture :)


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