April 16, 2012


Many of you know that Vashti & I started this blog because of our love and obsession with design.  We truly do love it! We love reading all of our favorite blogs and being inspired.  We love when we can't wait to share our latest find or thought on design with you. Here's my confession...Now that I have thoroughly immersed myself, I can't stop looking at my own home and think, is it reflecting what I am putting out into the blogosphere?  Now I see every little thing I want to change, but like many can't afford to do just that.

Our styles change and evolve and then you look around and realize you are still living with the same furniture, look and style from 10 years ago.  Either the hand me downs, bargain bed set or out-dated fabric.

So, while we chip away at our own homes our goal is to share with you some affordable alternatives to change or update your decor as well as the importance of choosing timeless pieces no matter the budget. Let's face it, many if not most of us can't afford to hire a designer and change our whole home.  It takes time and patience.

 Here's my weekend find to get me started!  Check out these chairs.  Scored 6 for $120.00!  I think a coat of black paint, some funky fabric and they could be the perfect addition to our dining room.
I'll leave you with some cane inspiration and one last confession...
I have absolutely no idea what in the world I am going to paint hot pink for the Color My World Challenge tomorrow...


  1. Gorgeous inspiration, and can't wait to see how you upgrade these chairs. DIscovering your blog via Baylor Says.

  2. Those chairs are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. love this post! You should see how my home is decorated in my head :) Great chairs! What a score!

  4. Carrie Morton4/16/2012

    Love it Jamie! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  5. HA HA HA! I can't wait to see what you come up with to paint last minute!!

  6. What a score! Looking forward to seeing how you transform them!

  7. Jamie - love the chairs. I'm so partial to cane! I scored a HUGE cane chair from lucketts for $40 that I stained picked white and have a sheepskin on.

    So I just saw something this AM - can't remember where, where someone did a cute white planter (from Ikea or walmart or something) in neon pink. They just did the bottom half so it looked dip-dyed. I thought it was super cute -- maybe you could go for something like that?


  8. NICE find Jamie, I know that whatever you do it will look FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see the finished product

  9. Nice find! Can't wait to see how you fix em up!



  10. I completely understand what you mean! Since I started blogging, my style (and courage) have come a long way. The things I did early in our renovation now seem a bit safe and generic. If I was starting all over again tomorrow, it would be a very different project!

  11. I'm feeling your pain Jamie! I look at gorgeous interiors all day long, and have a huge wish list for our home, but because of budget restraints, I have to take it slowly - so frustrating! But we're getting there. xxx

  12. AMEN SISTA! I seriously want to put a disclaimer at the bottom of every post I show of my home making sure everyone knows this space is based on time and budget allowances. But the fun part of reading blogs and not just shelter mags is that you get to see how REAL people do cool things with real time and money constraints. And then you get to be jealous of not just a full on kelly wearstler space but also bloggy friends who score badass chairs for $120. Nice job lady!

  13. See I'm with Julia and I have to say that my favorite daily reads and some of the most aesthetically pleasing spaces I've seen out there of the DIY variety, not some fussy tailored space laden with designer furniture. True, I aspire to have some of those more polished elements in my home (the mix of high/low pieces is the sweet spot I think), but in the end, I think it's ever so satisfying to look around your own home and see the things you fashioned with your own two hands and a little creativity. Something tells me that those chairs are going to rock as hard as Naomi's.


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