April 18, 2012


There are so many great ways to add a classy canine twist to your decor. I have always thought that dog-themed decor works best in kids rooms, but after doing a little research I realized I was totally wrong! You can achieve the perfect balance of elegant and chic by incorporating your favorite furry friends in any room! What great news for a die hard dog lover like me...
This bathroom makes my heart sing!  My favorite color on the tiles + my favorite furry friends on the walls = LOVE
Now this is what I call some classy canine digs!  
You cannot go wrong with this fun and whimsical paper- a killer sink and mirror doesn't hurt either.  
This wall was covered with paper from The Paper Source!  This could be a great idea for a small area!
Dog statues are fun accent pieces that can add visual character to the room. 
Love me some leopard runner!
Do you think he is guarding that kelly green chair??? If not, I may have to steal it!
Perfect place for a family portrait!
Be creative and add different types of canine artwork in your rooms. Check out Etsy for great dog paintings at really reasonable prices.
Thump..Thump..Thump..goes my heart!  A bulldog lamp- a must have!! 

Even though I think my house is bursting at the seams with dog fur personality, I can always make room for more!  I always have my eyes open for any English Mastiff or English Bulldog decor for my house.  How could you not want to see more of these guys? 

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  1. I actually like the wall paper in the first two pics, I've seen it before and secretly loved it! And can I tell you how much I love that you have a bulldog!?! I'm a huge UGA girl and love me some bulldogs!

  2. Vashti! You just made my day with those images of the pups! I have an English Bulldog, Wilma, whom I would put in portraits and things all over my house if I could. I teeter on the edge of being 'that person' because I always want a bulldog knick-knack and have to reign myself back in.

    As for the doggie wallpaper, I just did my bathroom back in January in that same b/w pattern from Osbourne and LIttle, except that mom and I made a stencil (and I added some breeds to the mix that weren't properly represented) and we stenciled it onto my bathroom ceiling :) I am such a fan of that pattern!!!

  3. LOVE. Oh my gosh the cutest wallpapper I've ever seen!

  4. These pictures just make me smile! That dog wallpaper is too fun! Love your blog, I'll definitely be following along!


  5. Love-y! A house isn't a home without a dog! That wallpaper in the first two pics is my fave! I love both of those bathrooms! And I'm a fan of all the dog statues too!



  6. Would love some critter wall paper in my home. That first picture is perfect!

  7. I love, love, love the wallpaper in the first two pics. I have many "faux" dogs around my home too..... perhaps one day I'll get a real one!

  8. I absolutely love the 1st picture with the green tile and the wonderful wallpaper! Look forward everyday to seeing what you all will do next!!! Still laughing about "Charlie Tango" - wonder if there is anyone who has not started at least the first one!!!

  9. Love it all...but that wallpaper in the first picture is making me want to wallpaper something (*anything*!) in a bad way! It's just pure awesomeness...

  10. Must love dogs!!! I have fabric from Premier Prints similar to the first wallpaper in my daughter's room. I also have a few dog prints from Etsy to go along with my fur-covered home.

  11. Who doesn't love dogs?! What a fun post! I'm pretty much dying over the desk in the fifth pic.

  12. Taylor Curtis4/18/2012

    my babies are famous!(Zeke and Jessie) i would love to have a bathroom with one of those prints! keep up the AwEsOmE work Mom and Mrs. Jamie!!<3

  13. I love this! I'd really like to have a portrait painted of Georgia the Corgi, but Farmer Joe said he wouldn't be one of 'those' people. I might have to do it anyway now!

  14. That dog wallpaper cracks me up. For not really being a dog person, I actually kinda think it is snazzy and done in a classy way, which surprises me! Of course, how couldn't you like Jessie and her slobber and Zeke and his energy. They are adorable. Cute pics, too!


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