March 12, 2012


Okay, the first official day of Spring is only 9 days away, on March 20, and we still have not had a good snow storm here in Virginia!  What gives.....?!?
Don't get me wrong, Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, I just prefer to shovel my way out of winter first!  Thankfully, we are going skiing in Wyoming in two weeks, so my snow fix is right around the corner. Until then, the 70 degree days have given me that itch to start thinking about how I can bring a little of that sunshine indoors.  How about you?
I think they got the wrong address on the delivery of those bad boys! Bringing fresh flowers  inside is one of the best things about Spring!  Oh, the instant punch of color, beauty and smell all wrapped into one- FANTASTIC!
You can add some Spring color ideas into any room with some bright and fun new pillows.
Time to put away the layers of heavy blankets- by changing out your bedding you will give your room a fresh, bright new look for Spring!
You have your own garden of color in this room!
Waking up to this pop of color on the door, will surely start your day with an added bit of sunshine!
Love the way the purple ikat fabrics stands out against the black frames- what fun, eclectic chairs!
A true Easter basket of Spring colors around your table!
I think this is what I need to do in my 12 year old daughter's bathroom.  Such a soothing palette....that would work in my favor every morning when I am yelling for her to get ready for school! :)
Love the orange and purple combo in this room-such a bold and beautiful look. I would take that orange sofa in my house in a second!

What do you do in your house to get ready for Spring?

p.s- I have to add that Jamie likes the 70 degree weather...that is  a true California girl for you right there! :)


  1. We love all the punches of color. Great style. Your blog is wonderful.

    1. Thanks for visiting us! We really appreciate it!!

  2. I love the color! Bring it on Spring!

    1. I just got back from spending the day in DC for a school field trip and I must admit the 81 degree weather was AWESOME!!! I think I could be more ready than I thought! ;)

      Thanks Amber!

  3. I TOTALLY need to switch out my bedding for something for fresh and spring-like! Love these ideas... and I am also kinda sad we didn't get any snow in the DMV this year but I will def accept this weather in my life. Love this post :)

    1. It did feel great today with some good sunshine! Maybe next year we will get some good snow! I have been keeping my eye out for some good bedding for months now and still cannot find something I love! I may have make something....Let me know if you find anything!:)

  4. In this post I really enjoyed the chairs that have a black wood and the crazy fabric. I am trying to transition all my wooden furniture into either white or black. I would like to add the color from the fabrics

    1. Meg- Sounds like we need a painting party! Those chairs are yummy, huh?


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