March 30, 2012


Check out this post written by Copy Cat Chic this week.
Cool beans, huh?  Jamie decided to write Reichel Broussard at Copy Cat Chic about this chandelier right after we saw the new Pottery Barn catalog.  I was a little hesitant  at first because I own the Candelabra Andrew Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier by Regina Andrew- the chandelier that was being copied!  When I first saw the Elena chandelier from PB, I can't deny that I did not have a little AGHHHH....moment.  Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain but it is a little harder being on the other side sometimes.
Great job Pottery Barn- share the love!  Thank you Reichel- you are the best!

Candelabra Regina Andrew Scalloped Wood Bead Chandelier

>> Monday, March 26, 2012


  1. You know what's weird...Ballard knocked this one off for like a month or two and then suddenly stopped selling it. I always wondered if maybe they got in trouble?

    Gorgeous!! I have the similar turquoise knockoff from Shades of Light and I LOVE LOVE it. :-)

  2. Wow... they are both really fabulous. I know the original designers hate it when other companies do knock offs, but it is kind of awesome for the rest of us thrifty shoppers, right? Haha, have a great weekend ladies! xox

  3. One of my FAVE things to do is, "This look costs $$$$$$... i can get that SAME look here for $$" Its done all the time! Both fab looks and i think it's SUPER smart when we can get the look for less. That way we have leftover money for other fun stuff, right? :)


  4. Oh well, you can delight in the fact you have THE REAL Deal, an the other one is a copy... don't know if that helps! Good taste all the way around!
    Have a great week.


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