March 20, 2012


I have a true weakness for color, the bolder the better!
I am instantly attracted to anything Asian, whether it's old or new. Add bold colors and you had me at hello...
If I could have ethnic textiles everywhere, I would. I am fascinated by the beautiful colors and the unique craftsmanship of each piece-what treasures!
I can't seem to ever leave well enough alone.  I had to paint my own chevron on this bench.
I cannot deny anything that will help me stay tidy-and of course...I love me some leopard!

That unexpected something with quirky little details makes me smile.
Did I mention that I love anything Asian and cannot stop collecting ethnic textiles?
This has given us countless hours of arts and crafts!
There is nothing better than pieces from long ago.  Makes you wonder where and when these industrial drawers were once used.
Any sofa would rock with these bulldog pillows?
My coveted hutch that holds my Vashti china collection will always be one of my favorites!

Hope you enjoyed my little house tour!   Stay tuned for a peek into Jamie's house!


  1. Your home is beautiful! I love the unique and special touches. All of the different patterns work so well together! Thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing Jamie's house too! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! LOVE! I want to see the whole thing. And I cannot wait to see Jamie's too. And I passed on my award to you! Check it out:

  3. Is this serious?? Your house is so fantastic! Leopard runner up the stair and tribal prints everywhere? I think you are my new best friend... LOVEEEE this. You did a wonderful job, thank you for sharing your pics!

  4. LOVE your house!! I'd love to see a full tour, it looks amazing!!!

  5. Wowza!! Soooo many goodies in your home!! We definitely share the same weakness for color and prints, can't wait to see more :)

  6. DYING over your home! I love everything! Got to see a full pic of the amazing Chiang Mai Dragon curtains this time! And you have leopard stairs! I'm dying for leopard stairs! Ohmygosh...I just love everything! I could go on and on!

    I wanted to let you girls know that I'm going to nominate you for the Liebster blog award. I know you were just nominated...we were both nominated by the lovely Amber, but you're doing so fab with your blog, I really wanted to recognize you some more. Just wanted to give you a heads need to do two of the pass the nomination on posts. The blog is fab and deserves lots of recognition!


  7. Carrie Morton3/20/2012

    Love it Vashti!

  8. Like you, my friend, your house is very unique! I LOVE your style, and it's always fun to find the new additions to your home! Now as others have asked... let's see the FULL tour. LOL! <3 you!

  9. Your house is amazing!!! Loving everything!

  10. Holy-Moley! Your house is ri-dic-ulous! More, please!

  11. Love your eclectic taste and colorful everything! It is great to see the home behind the blogger! We want more! love all your rooms, and beautiful taste.

  12. Taylor Curtis3/20/2012

    This blog is FANTASTIC!!! Love itt!!!(:
    Xoxo Taylor<3

  13. Such a delight to have a sneak peak into your home. You have beautiful pieces, and so much lovely colour and pattern!

  14. Wow.... your home is awesome!
    I LOVE the colours, I love the patterns, I love the suzanis and interesting vintage/antique pieces. Really stunning! Leopard carpet on the stairs is so cool it's untrue. Love it!! x

  15. So fun! I LOVE color too! I marvel at those people who pick one color scheme and stick to it for an entire house! I could never do it. Lots of interesting furniture too.

  16. What?? You have suzani all nuzzled up to some leopard? And more leopard?! And chiang mai curtains? Well fancy pants, you have done it up AWESOME. Every single picture here is serious eye candy. I'm going to join the torch yielding mob- we want more!! Fabulous.

  17. O.K., yeah, I'm obsessed with your house!! Keep sharing!


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