April 20, 2012


I was surfing the web the other day for fabric paint and I stumbled upon these beauties and instantly fell in love! 
There must be some way cool parents living in this house, right?  
After reading the article about this incredible display of creative expression, I learned that all of the kudos have to go to Pamela Bell, who was one of the founding partners of the Kate Spade brand. This is her townhouse in the East Village of NYC. She wanted a kid friendly space for her children to grow up in, without having to sacrifice style.  I think she achieved that here! 

She allowed her daughter and a group of friends decorate the sofa with fabric markers for an art project in school and let her son paint the chair with fabric paints. Creative expression in its purest form!  Everything about this risk free-creative zone makes me smile!  My parents had to continually wallpaper my walls with rolls of paper when I was younger because my mom said my hands would be shaking if I was not coloring something.  If they only knew all they had to do was cover my furniture in a simple cotton canvas and let me at it with a few fabric markers...

What do you think? Would you let your little Picasso decorate any furniture in your house-with permission of course?


  1. I don't know if I'm that cool but I would like to be! I am using that black and white frame wallpaper that you can color in an upcoming project. I'm hoping there is a little leftover to cover some wood and put in my kid's rooms.

  2. Oh I wish I was cool enough to let my kids do that. Maybe I would for a room that nobody see, like a play room, and I would let me use really old furniture. It would be super fun though!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. It really does look wonderful BUT who would be brave enough!!! You would never have colored furniture- only the walls- constantly! Love it- that was such a treat to see - Kate Spade and her colors are so happy and wonderful.

  4. Taylor Curtis4/21/2012

    Our house kinda looks like that! Ha! Just Kidding! I<3LIKEMESOME!

  5. Those parents rock.... I don't think I could be that cool!!!

  6. I think that is an awesome concept. The only thing that scares me is that you don't know how it is going to turn out! You have no control on what the kids draw. Ah!


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