April 6, 2012


We were so excited to be asked by Jessamie from Bird and Branch Redesign and Suzy from Saved By Suzy to be part of their "Color My World" challenge!  They thought it would be fun to challenge a group of bloggers to use a new color in their house. Of course, we jumped at this invitation being the color lovers we are! 

Now for the hard part- what color should we choose?  
We needed to do something different, think outside the box and be bold!  So we chose....
Using this color will definitely be a challenge for both of us but we are psyched! Every Tuesday for the next three weeks we have to incorporate HOT PINK in our house in the following ways-
Week 1-Home Decor
Week 2-Paint 
Week 3-Fabric

 What fun!  Here are the other bloggers that joined this great challenge:

Carmel - Our 5th House
Kristy - Hyphen Interiors
Shelley - Crazy Wonderful
Suzy - Saved by Suzy
Tiffany - Living Savvy
Vashti & Jamie - Like Me Some…

  This week we had to gather some HOT PINK inspiration!
Small doses of hot pink go a long way in this room!
The hot pink velvet on those stools is simply divine.
Do not know if our hubbies would allow a hot pink chandelier in the house but you never know....
Talking about bold- wonder if Vashti could get hot pink bulldogs?
Great idea for paint...
We promise we will keep you all in the loop with all of our new HOT PINK goodies! On April 24, there will be one great big link party showing how everyone added their color into their house!  What fun!!!

We would love to hear advice or suggestions from all of  you pink lovers out there- this is new territory for both of us!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

1-nina nyborg 2- the decorologist 3-nina nyborg 4- jonathan adler 5- house to home 6- tom filicia


  1. Super fun!! And you picked the right color for sure. Ladies I've just recently gone pink crazy in my living room http://baylorsays.blogspot.com/2012/03/shes-finally-hereand-im-swooning.html
    with more to come. I kind of can't get enough! I tend to do that...get one color stuck in my mind and cannot let go. :-) Can't wait to see what fabulousness everyone comes up with.

  2. Woo Wee! I'm so excited about this! I love hot pink in decor and I love you ladies style so this is sure to be oh so good!



  3. I actually just painted my desk pink! I love it, it's not hot pink but more of a blush pink. I can't wait to see what you do!!

  4. I love this idea and you chose the PERFECT color IMO! Cannot wait to see what you do with it!!

  5. Taylor Curtis4/07/2012

    I love it!
    I have never seen a blog better than Like Me Some!(:
    Keep up the good work!!(:

  6. Picture 4 - wow! From the hot pink poodles to the barbie sunburst mirror (!!!) to the silver Jonathan Adler poufs to the white Palm Trees...this is kitsch galaxy and I love it!

  7. Don't know why my post did not post the other day! Hot Pink- wonder where that came from- my favorite color! You can come take pictures of the living room and Vashti's old bedroom for a true blast of Hot Pink!!! Love it and can't wait to see what you all come up with. Such great ideas you have!!

  8. YES! I love hot pink! Can't wait to see what you do!

  9. I'm in need of some more inspiration, so I can't wait to see what you talented ladies come up with! Love the color choice

  10. I agree with Lini. Take a picture of Vashti's old bedroom for some SERIOUS hot pink walls. Lini classed it up by pairing it with navy blue and white. It is quite stunning. Can't wait to see what you two do in your houses!


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