April 23, 2012


So, it's week three of the 'Color My World Challenge' and this week we're supposed to add a HOT PINK fabric to our homes. Look at what we both came up with-
Oh, HOT PINK, why do you torment me?!  I want to love you, I really do but you make it so hard!
Then Anthropologie saved the day with this over-sized dishtowel in the sale bin...what was it I saw?
HOT PINK & only $9.95! Now, the question is how do I use this dishtowel...as a dishtowel, how boring!
So, what's your vote?  Leave it as a dishtowel, make a new pillow or frame it?
Also, I have to include that the sweater pillow is an old out-dated poncho!! So, don't throw out that old sweater just yet...
This week the color challenge allowed me to satisfy one of my biggest obsessions in design- FABRIC!  One can never have enough fabric, right ladies?  Okay, I will admit that there have been times when I have been slightly alarmed at the growing size of my fabric piles, but that is normal, right?...herein lies the issue!

I bought what I thought was going to be a killer HOT PINK suzani a few weeks ago on eBay for my fabric choice. It arrived Friday, and unfortunately, it does not work in the room I bought it for because there is just too much black in the pattern. I am bummed but I know I'll be able to use it somewhere, someday!  So for now, just add it to the stash.
Clock is ticking and I need a Plan B...perfect time to sort through my fabric pile!
Score.... I quickly find the rockin' 70's patchwork dress that I bought on one of our many fabric jaunts!  I know Jamie thought I was slightly off my rocker when I found this fantastic dress, maybe wondering about my fashionista?  I never intended to wear this dress, no way... it was way to perfect for pillows.  Some may see a dress, I see pillows.  Just a little slice of crazy! 
Here she is in all her patchwork glory.... I wanted it to be a longer lumbar pillow, but I've been having a slight love-hate relationship with invisible zippers lately and destroyed the other half of the dress... 
Right now, she's all by herself on the bed until I buy shams etc.  Once, the bedding is complete, I know she will be that perfect 'aha' piece!  

Does anyone else share my fabric love?  If so, maybe we could start a fabric swap to make ourselves feel better! ;)

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  1. pillow! LOVING pink these days. like can't. get. enough.

  2. What a super cute idea. Dish towel as a pillow.

  3. Jamie, DEFINITELY do a pillow out of that cute little thing! Vashti, I love that you turned this dress into a pillow. Once again, you ladies rocked the hot pink!

  4. i agree- pillow it! it will be awesome! i LOVE it! :) and love the second pillow- SO fun. hot pink is awesome. :)

  5. Jamie... make it into a pillow! I love it! And I love the second pillow too... great jumping off fabric for other patterns!

  6. I have a HUGE fabric love. I get SO tempted to buy but then I say "what in the world am i going to do with this now???" I can LOSE myself in fabric stores for hours! ... I have a HOT PINK velvet pillow on a cane bench that has a black and white cut velvet houndstooth box cushion. I love to look at it :).

  7. Jamie- definitely a pillow then give it to me!!! Vashti, the headboard looks fabulous and I love the pillow-don't throw away the rest of the dress- is that the new bedspread in the check?

  8. Love it framed and as a pillow, gorgeous!

    Great Blog!

  9. Love it all! And I am so down for a fabric swap! I have a ridiculous stash!

  10. Jamie - I vote turning it into a pillow - it will be killer! Vashti - what a great way to use that patchwork, it looks awesome!

  11. I vote for pillow-not dish towel. And I love the idea of making a pillow out of a funky dress. Fun!

  12. So love the idea of framing that dishtowel or making it a pillow!! Great colors and Anthro never disappoints!
    And wowza on the patchwork pillow - I never would have thought to buy that dress with the intention to reinvent! What a great idea - so fun.

  13. My vote is for a pillow, what a great clearance find! That dress turned pillow is really awesome! I love the patchwork vibe and look forward to seeing both room reveals next week!

  14. Oh my gosh that dishtowel is WAY TOO CUTE to be a used as a rag...MAKE A PILLOW!

  15. Ok, so now I'm totally following you because other than the awesome pink-dishtowel-almost-pillow, I'm in love with your S+S room. Where did you get that leather sectional? I think it might be the perfect thing for my playroom.


  16. That dishtowel is *freakin'* insanely awesome...it totally needs to be a pillow! I mean really, how could you wipe your hands on something so fabulous?!?

  17. Taylor Curtis4/25/2012

    definitely the dishtowel as a pillow! so cute!!! and also, mom I love how Delaney's room is coming out! your doing great!<3


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