May 9, 2012


Classic yet elegant, soft but not overly feminine...
For him-clean lines and nailhead trim. For her-tufting softens the look and the sequins pillow adds just enough glam!
This one is all her! I love this! It just feels happy, but he can pretend he's lounging in his favorite wingback chair.
Pleasant Valley contemporary bedroom
 No curves or fuss in this wingback- a more tailored look
I'm calling this rustic chic! 
The curved and tufted headboard is definitely more feminine but the linens and rustic furniture balance it out.
This bed makes a statement in this soothing all white space just by the sheer height of the headboard.
No tufting but how 'bout those curves?
 The bed is clearly the focal point in this room! Super tall, super rich navy fabric and super yummy!
2011 Dream Home Bedroom at Merchandise Mart contemporary bedroom
Contemporary, monochromatic, not too high, not too low.
 What man wouldn't love this?
Just like his favorite chair-aged, worn-in soft leather. It even looks like it has that good leather smell..or is it just me?
My sister and I have been surfing the web for an affordable option for her master bedroom makeover
 and here's what we found...
Costco- Allegro Upholstered Wingback Bed- King bed $689.99 including shipping/headboard only-$499.99 
(gotta love Costco)

*Update-I just opened my Joss & Main email and they have this bed for $629.50! Grab it while it lasts! If you aren't a member (it's free) you really should be!!

Amazon has every color under the rainbow! King bed $738/Headboard only-$520

Amazon again...King bed $690/Headboard only $467

So, what do you think of the wingback? Do you like this spin on the upholstered headboard? I love the look. I first saw it in Jerry O'Connell's home makeover done by the fabulous Nate Berkus. I scoured the Internet for a picture for you all, but I guess gotta buy the book! Also, at Amazon..

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  1. I love it! These beds are gorgeous! Our headboard isn't quite a wingback, but it's similar to these with the tufting and nailhead trim.

  2. wonderful selection of images!

  3. Those are all so gorgeous, but I think the first is my favourite - so soft and pretty. xxx

  4. I love all of these - they look fab. The 2nd image is my fav :)
    Have a great day.

  5. Love them! I still remember watching that episode. It was so good! It is featured in his book :) Love that dark blue one. Nice round up!

  6. Ok - I'm actually dying over that chestnut leather headboard. I know its masculine and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!


  7. Oh I just love all of them (especially the first one).

  8. I lOVE this look. So chic!

  9. oh, I love these. the one against the brick wall is one of my all time faves. I'm going to get an upholstered headboard soon, don't know if I'll do a wingback, but I do love seeing them. donna

  10. Gorgeous examples!
    I love them all!

  11. yeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss, talk about sexy time! yum, yum, yum Love the turquoise joss n main one!

  12. Taylor Curtis5/13/2012

    Delaney's room looks just liek the 2nd to last one!(: love it!

  13. I like a curvy wingback headboard, with big wings and a vintage look.


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