May 22, 2012


Domino Magazine created quite a buzz when they featured the now-very-famous For Like Ever poster!
The always brilliant Betsy Burnham used it fabulously in her daughter's room. 
I have to admit, maybe it's my inner teen coming out, but I LIKE love this poster!
Jen Ramos from Made By Girl created this gold LOVE print. 
Here it is in Erika Brechtel's office from small shop looking oh so lovely!
Camila at Effortless Style shared this find just recently and I love the colors and let me tell you,  it comes in many fabulous colors, all created by Kimberly at Third Floor Design.
It is no surprise that Tobe Reed from Because It's Awesome is one of the three women behind this AWESOME project!
Can I get an AMEN, sisters?! You can buy this and many other inspiring prints here.
Chinoiserie! Brilliantly done by Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda! It is so hard not to feature every one of her prints!

Vashti inspired this kelly green elephant print! She's such a muse!
Here are her elephant and vase silhouettes. I am particularly fond of the elephant, but have you seen the monkey?
Well since I can't afford to own an actual Hermes bag, how about I buy Anne Harwell's print instead?
Did you happen to see the latest issue of Rue magazine?  Valorie Hart hung four of them above her bed and doesn't it look fantastic on the kelly green linen walls-GENIUS?! You can find the Hermes bag and more here. Let's not forget the orange chair that debuted in "It's Complicated" with Alec Bladwin and Meryl Streep.

Do you have an open spot for any one of these beauties? I know I do, now I just have to choose!!

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  1. I love all of these! Super great finds!

  2. love them, james! you and janell are channeling the chinois prints today - so cute, great minds! i like the monkeys too!

  3. Love all this work, and the photo of Valorie Hart's bedroom is so fantastic! Janell

  4. Those are all so lovely.
    Love Anne's works,
    perfect for a feminine space.

  5. Is it bad to want them all? I think I need another gallery wall.

  6. I have the For Like Ever poster! I love it still!


  7. Oh, what a fantastic surprise to be featured here today! Thank you so much! And what impressive company I'm in. I'm thrilled! Jennifer

  8. Oh I love all of these! Gorgeous!

  9. wow, thanks for the shout out!! it means the world!! GREAT finds :)


  10. LOVE that map by Camilla! Thanks for sharing- it has been added to my ever-growing list of must-haves!

  11. I loved the first one. I remember seeing it and thinking it was so cute!

  12. I love this print and have been trying to find it for cheap. It's amazing!

  13. Hey! Have you ever thought, have your writting skills gone any better lately?


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